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Mole Man
Review and Media by Stu

Episode 11 - Mole Man
Original Airdate 3rd December 1994

The Mole Man, a villain from the bottom of the world, sinks the Rockerfeller centre below group to kill The Fantastic Four, fearing only they are capable of stopping him from taking over the world.

Story By: Ron Friedman
Screenplay By Elwin Ranson
Music By: Giorgio Moroder
Guest Starring: Gregg Berger as The Moleman
Based on Fantastic Four # 1

Review: There are some very exceptional times in a cartoon when you canít believe what youíve just seen. Mary Jane turning to water, Robin shooting The Joker and Aquaman cutting his own hand off to save his son.

None of these incidents will prepare you for the horror of hearing Johnny Storm rap. Itís not supposed to be funny. Itís supposed to b serious, which makes it all the more awful. The Thingís performed raps before, but nothing to this degree of torture. Ugh.

The rest of the episode (providing you can sit through it) is of typical season one calibre, and the ending is high up there on the really stupid list. The Mole Man in particular was an especially lame villain, who once again had an awful design. Considering heís one of the FFís most popular foes, itís a shame they didnít attempt to do something good with him.

Friedman once again tried to use celebrities to make his show sound cool. It didnít work with Liz Hurley on Iron Man, and didnít work with Prince Charles here.

The animation for this particular episode wasnít bad, but with a story like this, it simply couldnít be saved. At this point in the series, it was foolish to expect a good episode. However, no man couldíve been prepared for the flame on rap.