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The Sentry Sinister
Review and Media by Stu

Episode 25 - The Sentry Sinister
Original Airdate 17th February 1996

Sue insists the team get some rest and recuperation after a tiring period, but The Torch stays at home. The remaining three head to Tee Vu island, which is home to a Kree Sentry. Meanwhile, Black Bolt discovers he has the ability to shatter the wall that surrounds the great refuge. Will he do it and risk destroying it?

Written By Glen Leopold
Directed By Ernesto Lopez
Music By William Anderson and Anderson Scores
Animation Services By PASI (Philippines)
Guest Starring Michael Dorn as Gorgon, Mark Hamill as Maximus The Mad/Triton/Sentry, Kathy Ireland as Crystal, Clyde Katsatsu as Karnak/Dr. Nevill, Iona Morris as Medusa
Based on The Fantastic Four #64

Review: Certainly a weird episode, as I was expecting the main story to be wrapped up in the actual finale, not the one before it. The episode was more or less spilt into 2 stories, the conclusion of Johnny and Crystal and Reed and everyone elseís vacation.

The vacation was a little on the tedious side. The villain of the piece was incredibly dull and basically wasted a good opportunity to tell a different type of story.

Johnny and Crystalís story was more interesting, as we finally saw the negative barrier broken. Another interesting note was that the Inhumans were dying in The Great Refuge, due to their air supply running out. It was interesting to see Blackbolt destroy most of The Great Refuge in order to save everyone.

The episode overall, is a weird mix. Thereís nothing brilliant about it, but nothing bad about it either. It was nice to see a resolution to Torch/Crystals relationship (no cliffhanger here folks!) but other than that, itís simply an average episode.