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The Silver Surfer And The Coming Of Galactus, Part 2
Review and Media by Stu

Episode 05 - The Silver Surfer And The Coming Of Galactus, Part 2
Original Airdate 29th October 1994

A strange being known only as The Watcher warns The Fantastic Four of an oncoming threat, a giant named Galactus, who wishes to feed upon their world, and his herald, The Silver Surfer. Can The Fantastic Four save earth from the devourer of worlds?

Written By: Ron Friedman
Music By: Giorgio Moroder
Guest Voices: Tony Jay as Galactus, Alan Oppenhemier as The Watcher, Robin Sachs as The Silver Surfer

Review: This episode sucked just as bad as part one. The terrible designs are still here, so we’ll skip past them. This episode saw the introduction of 2 new heralds, both of whom were crappy. Considering how good Terrax was in the second season, it really does show you how poor the quality of this season was. Silver Surfer, Galactus and Terrax were all beyond terrible in this episode, yet starred in some of the greatest episode of the second season.

In this episode, Galactus is now presented as a wuss. You’d think a dude who’s supposedly all-powerful, would be able to fight the FF, but no, more heralds; worst of all, he gets scared by some gun. Instead of, oh I don’t know, grabbing Johnny and crushing every bone in his body.

It simply has to be said. Between the stupid portrayal of the Silver Surfer, the utter uselessness of Galactus and painful attempts at humor, this would be the worst episode of Fantastic Four ever…had I not seen “Behold the Negative Zone”.