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Review By Stu, Media by Jon T

Episode #7 - Doomed
Original Airdate November 3rd, 1996

Dr. Doom returns and kidnaps Jen Walters, Banner's cousin. After she becomes injured, Banner gives her a blood transfusion transforming her into She Hulk!

Written By: Bob Forward
Directed By: Dan Thompson
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahchi
Animation Services By: Sae Rom Productions
Guest Starring: Neal McDonough as Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk, John Vernon as General 'Thunderbolt' Ross, Lisa Zane as She Hulk/Jen Walters and Simon Templeman as Dr. Doom.

Review: This episode shows the origin of She Hulk and features the return of Dr. Doom who Hulk previously met in Fantastic Fourís Nightmare In Green episode.

Dr. Doom hasnít had a whole lot of luck being translated from the comics. Despite being one of the best ever when it comes to super villainy, the Lord Of Latveria hasnít had much luck. Over in Fantastic Four, he had some terrible first season appearances as well as a few average appearances in the second season.

Ironically enough, Dr. Doom has had much more luck as an adversary to Spider-Man, having a great 5 episode spanning arc in the 1980ís Spider-Man series, as well as being a big part of The Secret Wars in the 90ís show which ran at the same time as this show. His recent big screen translation was beyond poor. But how does he fair here in Hulk? The answer Ė very well. One of the few flaws in this first season is that the majority of the villains lacked any great threat. The Leader was a joke and most of the others were either his lackeys or one shots that never returned. Dr. Doom changed all that. Had he not had that dreadful second appearance in season 2, he could have been considered as the showís best villain.

Now, unlike practically every other appearance she ever had, She Hulk is tolerable here. Lisa Zane provided a great voice that makes it all the more annoying that Cree Summers, one of the most annoying voices in all of animation, replaced her in season 2. She gets a little too confident too quickly when she actually transforms into She Hulk but they did a great job with Jen Walters before she transformed. Her design is great too, only to be replaced with another annoying revamp in season 2.

It was also a nice change of pace. Thereís no Betty or Rick in this episode, and thereís some great quiet scenes with Hulk and Jen. One of the more annoying things about the second season of Hulk is the fact I actually like She Hulk. I thought her appearance in the 80ís show was great and her current comic book is one of the best being published.

A great episode without a doubt. Itís a shame none of her other appearances came anywhere close to being this good.