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Cell Of Iron
Review and Media by Amazing Spidey

Episode #16 - Cell Of Iron
Original Airdate 07th October 1995

A.I.M sabotages a ship called The Starwell, and uses it's powers to threaten the Earth into paying thier ransoms. When Iron Man investigates, he finds it's creator and Senturian, it's guardian. Can Iron Man stop A.I.M and save the ship?

Screenplay By: Jan Strand
Directed By: Don Thompson
Music By: Keith Emmerson
Animation By: Koko Enterprises
Guest Starring: David Warner as Arthur Dearborn, Tom Kane as Centurion, W. Morgan Sheppard as Dum Dum Dugan

Review: This episode mainly focused on Iron Man developing his new armour that would allow him to travel in space. Once again he used this to battle AIM, which is one of his main villains. One of the main nitpicks of the show is that AIM was never fully introduced; we have little to no idea who they are which leaves the viewer feeling a little confused. A simple explanation would have made the episode a little clearer. Even now, I’m still not fully aware as to who/what AIM was.

This episode wasn’t an exceptionally brilliant one, as the villain was the main focus of the episode wasn’t an especially interesting one, and came off as one-dimensional.

The first few minutes proved enjoyable, as Tony worked on his armour. I’ve always liked that Tony found a small amount of comfort talking to HOMER, a machine, rather than real people. It’s a great way to show the ‘lone wolf’ side of the character, which is what the show was building up to in it’s finale. It made for some great development, specifically as Forceworks had just abandoned him. I never was fond of Forceworks as they were all a little too chummy, too Superfriendish which made for some incredibly flat characters. The smartest move this show ever did was dumping them.

The ending was the highlight of the episode. It looked pretty to the eye, which was a treat in itself when you compare the flying scenes to that of the first season.

But again, overall, the episode wasn’t that interesting. A great shame, as the season only had 13 episodes. One could only imagine how this series would’ve turned out if it had more time to grow.