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Episode #1 "The Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part 1"
Original Airdate - February 7th, 1998
As foretold by the Watcher, Galactus arrives at Zenn-La to consume its energy. Desperate to save his world and his family, Norrin Radd sacrifices his life and agrees to become Galactus' herald. Galactus infuses some of his cosmic power to Norrin, turning him into the Silver Surfer!

Episode #2 "The Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part 2"
Original Airdate - February 14th, 1998
After receiving the power cosmic, the Silver Surfer loses all his memories and begins his service as the herald of Galactus. But while on a heralding missions, he encounters the evil Thanos who plans to invade the Silver Surfer's mind and learn Galactus' secrets!

Episode #3 "The Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part 3"
Original Airdate - February 21st, 1998
The Silver Surfer's battle with Thanos results in the recovery of his lost memories. And when he discovers that Galactus has decided to devour Earth, Silver Surfer, remembering his own people, attacks the world-eater to save the planet!

Episode #4 "The Planet of Dr. Moreau"
Original Airdate - February 28th, 1998
The Surfer searches to find a Kree colony, where a Zenn-La scholar is rumored to be living. But when he arrives, the Surfer is enslaved by the Kree and forced to work alongside genetically-engineered creatures known as Trolls. Teaming up with Pip the Troll, and Pip's girlfriend, Kili, the Surfer leads a revolt against the Kree slavers.

Episode #5 "Learning Curve, Part 1"
Original Airdate - March 7th, 1998
The Surfer and Pip join Mentor and his servant, Drax the Destroyer, as they search for the mythical Universal Library of the Watchers and stop Mentor's mad brother, Thanos, from taking over the universe!

Episode #6 "Learning Curve, Part 2"
Original Airdate - March 14th, 1998
Silver Surfer and Pip arrive at the Universal Library and find that it is overrun with large viral globs. Meanwhile, the Mentor interfaces with the "Index" and discovers how Uatu came to be the last of the Watchers!

Episode #7 "Innervisions"
Original Airdate - April 4th, 1998
The Surfer finds a series of planets that have been devastated by Thanos, and Surfer rushes to warn the next planet in Thanos' target. Unaware of their impending doom, Surfer arrives at the planet and convinces one of their heroes, Beta Ray Bill, to help him defeat Thanos.

Episode #8 "Antibody"
Original Airdate - April 11th, 1998
Galactus is dying, and his new herald, Nova, enlists the Silver Surfer's aid to help save his life. Surfer agrees, but under one condition: Galactus gives him information about his home planet, Zenn-La!

Episode #9 "Second Foundation"
Original Airdate - April 25th, 1998
Nova and the Silver Surfer's friendship starts to take a toll on Nova's responsibilities to Galactus. While searching for the Surfer's home planet, Zenn-La, they find themselves on an ancient Skrull planet, where they join a Skrull revolution!

Episode #10 "Radical Justice"
Original Airdate - May 2nd, 1998
The Surfer is captured by Lord Glenn and the Wanderers and put on trial for the crimes of Galactus. His powers are taken away, turning him back to Norrin Radd. While held captive, two nearby stars explode and form a massive black hole. Now, Norrin Radd must regain his powers and save his captors!

Episode #11 "Forever War"
Original Airdate - May 29th, 1998
The Silver Surfer asks the Kree for a meeting with the Supreme Intelligence in order to shed more light on his lost home planet. They agree, but only after he completes a task that sends him in the middle of an unending war between Adam Warlock and the Kree!

Episode #12 "Return to Zenn-La"
Original Airdate - May 9th, 1998
The Surfer finally finds Zenn-La, and is reunited with his beloved Shalla Bal. But things seem different, and the behavior of Shalla Bal gets increasingly strange and dangerous.

Episode #13 "The End of Eternity"
Original Airdate - May 16th, 1998
Eternity and Infinity summon Silver Surfer to warn him that Thanos plans on changing the flow of time backwards and causing the end of the universe!