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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #6 - 7 Little Superheroes

The Chameleon invites The Spider-Friends, Dr. Strange, Namor, Shanna and Captain America to his mansion in hopes of destorying them all.

Written By: Doug Booth
Music Composed By: John Douglas
Guest Starring: Hans Conried as The Chameleon, Janet Waldo as Shanna the She-Devil, William Woodson as Namor the Sub-Mariner and George DiCenzo as Captain America.


This show has absolutely no shame – it doesn’t try to hide the fact that it may be one of the cheesiest shows you’ll ever see. Nope, Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends practically screams it at the top of its voice. This is what Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends is all about, superheroes fighting supervillians and having as much fun as possible. One can doubt that most of these heroes would turn up to a party without knowing who the host is, but to be honest, I really didn’t care – I got to see Captain America animated once again!

To be fair however, Cap and Namor did so little that they were probably only here because 7 Little Superheroes sounds better than 5 Little Superheroes. Namor did provide one of the show’s biggest laughs; however with his outstandingly cheesy cry of “Alcohol!” after he jumped into the pool of it. I laughed so long I had to stop the episode, I couldn’t keep watching with a straight face. Until his recent revamp in Ultimate Fantastic Four, I considered this to be Namor’s finest hour. That’s either incredibly sad, or a true testament to how funny this scene was.

The Chameleon was a very weird villain. It’s not as flat out disturbing as his previous appearance in the solo 80’s show were he disguised himself as Uncle Ben in an attempt to get Aunt May to kill Spider-Man but a poetry reciting supervillian wasn’t exactly what I was expecting to see with this villain. I think he works better as a mercenary rather than a lead villain and his voice actor seemed to have great fun hamming it up as much as he possibly could, whereas I prefer a colder version of the shape shifter. His green on green design didn’t exactly look threatening either. Not a bad attempt at a villain, but still a little on the cheesy side.

Now we come to the real bane on the series – Ms. Lions. She’d appeared in most episodes at this point but only really came across as a mild annoyance in the show, but here she just gets annoying. Spider-Man’s line of “You forgot about the 8th little superhero!” simply had me cringing. I know the networks insisted on having the character appear on the show, but what in the name of Ron Burgundy was the need for that last line?

Don’t let an irritating comic dog fool you – if you can stomach the show, you’ll probably remember this as one of your favourite episodes.