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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #3 - The Fantastic Mr. Frump

The Spider-Friends foil Dr. Doom's plans as the powers he intended for himself are stolen by a down on his luck Mr. Frump.

Written By: Christy Marx
Music Composed By: John Douglas
Guest Starring: Shepard Menken as Dr. Doom and Alan Young as Mr. Frump


There gets to a point where cheese becomes just that… cheesy. I’ve got a thicker skin for this than most, but when something isn’t fun, it just isn’t fun. There are so few laughs to be had here and Mr. Frump came across as more annoying and dull than humorous. It was just corny.

It might have been slightly more forgivable had the main villain be anyone other than Dr. Doom. Despite what the live action Fantastic Four film may have taught you, Dr. Doom is one, if not the coolest villain ever. In the previous 80’s Spider-Man show, Doom was the featured as the chief villain, and even took centre stage as part of feud that spanned for 5 entire episodes in which he tried to declare himself Master Of The World. As someone who really enjoyed the solo show’s version of Dr. Doom, his appearance here was a real disappointment.

Doom’s not had the greatest luck when it comes to animation. He’s been pretty much wasted in all of his Fantastic Four appearances and usually suffers from dull designs or unflattering casting, but this version actually looked and sounded creepy. His face especially impressed me, as it’s difficult to do anything with a guy in a metal mask but the managed to emote him well and the black eyes made him come across as quite sinister. I can’t help but feel the light green/yellow could’ve done with being a few shades darker, personally.

Overall, this was a waste of Dr. Doom and had very little else going for it. The Fantastic Mr. Frumps stands as one of the show’s weakest episodes.