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Review By Arsenal, Media By Stu

Episode #8 - Prison Plot

When Magneto attempts to free his Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants from thier prison cells, The Spider-Friends must stop him.

Written By: Francais Peighan and Jack Hanrahan
Music Composed By: John Douglas
Guest Starring: Michael Rye as Magneto.


What a waste of Magneto—one of the greatest antagonists of the comic-book medium wasted.

Magneto has seen much iteration. He was a standard super-villain with standard lackeys originally, then he became a Holocaust survivor, afterward he was a hero (and a member of the X-Men), a loving father, then he was a civil rights leader, then a government figure (Magneto Rex), a megalomaniac (with Morrison) and a powerless human—what he despised most.

Some of these iterations were more successful than others; but, no question, the most boring was the stock super-villain. Disappointingly, this is the version S & AF chose to use.

It should come as no surprise that Magneto is simplified here. S & AF doesn’t do “grey area” or conflicted villains, and that’s part of its charm; but Magneto is defined by his conflictions and convictions. None of which are on display in this episode.

The episode’s highlight is Peter and Bobby’s admissions of an attraction toward Angelica. Unfortunately, this subplot was never developed because S & AF doesn’t do angst.

Taken as a whole, S & AF is a breezy, fun Saturday morning affair, but train wrecks like this make you with the series could have grown up