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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #22 - Spider-Man Meets The Girl From Tomorrow

Siblings from the future crash land on Earth. Instantly falling for the girl from the future, Spider-Man does his all to protect her as Dr. Octopus attacks!

Written By: Dennis Marks
Music Composed By: John Douglas
Guest Starring: Micheal Bell as Dr. Octopus


Certainly a weird episode of the show as it seems so out of character of Spider-Man to simply abandon his life and everyone he knows for a girl heís known for all of 5 mere minutes.

Iíve absolutely no idea why but Iíve always been a sucker for the romance in this show Ė I think thereís something so charming about the relationship between the three heroes and their feelings towards each other. Both of the guys clearly like her and she seems to show affection towards both of them but with the exception of one scene in which Peter and Bobby explain to each other that neither would dare make a move towards her in case of ruining their team, so nothing ever happened between either Bobby and Angelica or Peter and Angelica (or Peter and Bobby, for those of you who are no doubt sniggering to yourselves right now!)

This episode actually sees Peter and Angelica kiss before he decides to leave that came as a great shock to me. Ignoring for a moment that the relationship between Peter and Arielís relationship is so rushed it makes Super girl and Brainiac 5ís romance from Justice League Unlimited seem like Romeo and Juliet, I actually felt bad for her. Such a sweet little sceneÖ

The villain of the piece is Dr. Octopus, who is arguably a throwaway villain here, which is extremely odd, at the time this show was in production, Doc Ock was arguably Spideyís chief nemesis, as The Green Goblin was dead and Hobgoblin, Venom and Carnage hadnít been created yet. His design is based on his classic version from the good old John Romita Sr days, and his voice is none other than voice acting legend Michael Bell, who also played Bruce Banner over on The Incredible Hulk. Iíve always liked Doc Ock and feel that none of his animated appearances have really done him justice. He basically became a lackey in the 90ís series after a very, very promising start in Dr. Octopus: Armed And Dangerous (despite a horrid battle armour) but quickly fumbled after spending too much time working for The Kingpin. It wasnít until Spider-Man 2 that we got a really kick ass version of the good Doctor. As it stands, heís not really one of the strongest villains in this season.

Not a terrible episode, laughable in parts sure, but nothing too cringe worthy to be found here.