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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #1 - Triumph Of The Green Goblin

The Spider-Friends must stop The Green Goblin from poisoning the City's Reservoir with his formula that will turn everyone into ugly Goblins!

Written By: Dennis Marks
Music Composed By: John Douglas
Guest Starring: Neil Ross as Norman Osborne, Sally Julian as Mona Osborne and Dennis Marks as The Green Goblin.


1980ís cartoons canít be explained in mere text and pictures. To some, 80ís cartoons are what cartoons should be Ė light hearted fun, adventurous romps that anyone can enjoy if they donít take it too seriously. To others, the 80ís is an era best forgotten. For them, the reason why pretty much all cartoons were like they were is because the broadcast standards and networks were too scared to have it any other way.

This brings us to Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends, one of the most popular cartoons from the decade. Marvel finally succeeded in their attempts to get Spider-Man on network TV, providing the show met the usual network criteria, of course. Spider-Man was to be joined by Iceman and a newly created female character called Firestar, and their dog, Ms. Lions. Itís been confirmed in an interview with Dennis Marks on Screenshots: