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Review By Jon T, Media By Stu

Episode #18 - The Transylvanian Connection

Dracula attempts to make Firestar his bride! Spider-Man and Iceman must stop the wedding by travelling to Translyvania and defeating Dracula once and for all!

Written By: Jack Mendelsohn
Music Composed By: John Douglas
Guest Starring: Stan Jones as Dracula

Note: Episode is also known as "The Bride Of Dracula"


It's sometimes a great change of pace when a fun series such as this presents an unashamed Saturday-morning cartoon take on other concepts. In this case, the main three Universal monsters. Dracula himself makes for a pretty effective villain for the Spider-Friends to go up against, on account of the sheer number of powers he has. The Wolfthing and Frankenstein's monster don't see as much action, but really, their presence just serves to make the episode even more fun!

There are a couple of issues I have with the story, in that Firestar spends a bit too much time as the damsel in distress and it takes a while for everyone to actually get to Transylvania, but once all the characters are in place, things pick up again. Once at Dracula's castle, we're introduced to his mechanical Frankenstein's monster, who has an odd dislike of all strangers, including Dracula's chosen bride! Maybe he read the script beforehand?

The only thing I never liked about this story was that everything was wrapped up a little too neatly (even for an early 80s cartoon), with Dracula and the Wolfthing being restored to innocent humans, seemingly not able to answer for their other incarnations' crimes.

A point of note is that the Dracula as seen here is essentially the classical "Hollywood" version of Dracula rather than the Marvel Comics version specifically.