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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #7 - Videoman

Electro creates a new villain, Videoman, and kidnaps Flash Thompson. How will the Spider-Friends save Flash when they cannpot touch thier enemy?

Written By: Christy Marx
Music Composed By: John Douglas
Guest Starring: Alan Melvin as Electro


This shameless cash in attempt at the popularity of video games has gone down as arguably the dumbest thing Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends ever did. Videoman was a character was rather retarded, but the rest of the episode doesnít fair much better. A character created from a video game simply because the villain can control electricity barely fits into the rather juvenile attitude of the 80ís, but they took it too far by having the main characters become trapped in a video game.

This episode is the first to really attempt to flesh out Flash Thompson, and it seems that thereís another character to add to the list of Angelicaís admirers. Spider-Man, Iceman and the entire youth of America wasnít enough, nope; Flash Thompson wanted a slice of Firestar too. Now, Iím not one for admiring cartoon characters, but her breasts appear to have magically shrunk over the course of the show. The youth of America cries in disappointment.

Electro makes his debut here in this episode too, but plays second fiddle to everything else going on. Now, Iím quite a big fan of Electro. Heís one of those wonderfully weird Steve Ditko villains that I like, along with Mysterio. They both seem to get ridiculed and are thought of as being a bit lame, but I love them all the same. Electro has a really weird green and yellow design in the comics with a silly star-like spark mask and I think itís one of the more unique designs in all of comic books, but itís absolutely butchered here. Electro looked terrible here. Theyíve changed the actual design and completely taken away all of itís coolness, they even changed the green to blue Ė sacrilege. He was terribly miscast too. Not the finest moment in animation for Electro.

A lot of the villains have really odd, unneeded changes from their comic book costumes, usually colours that donít really improve the model or make it easier to animate. Itís a shame; sometimes they got it so right. Spider-Man himself is probably my favourite of all the models Ė almost a pitch perfect John Romita Sr. style portrait of the webslinger. Second place goes to Angelica Jones Ė still the best-looking MJ model in animation, even if itís not actually MJ he was drawing.

One of the showís worst, unfortunately. Itís probably better left in the 80ís.