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Real Name: Peter Parker
First Appearance: Night Of The Lizard
Voice: Christopher Daniel Barnes
Orphaned at an early age, Peter was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May in Forest Hills. Whilst attending a science demonstration, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider. He used his newfound powers to become rich, working as a professional wrestler for a short time. He later ignorantly refused to stop a robber from the locker room and was horrified to learn the same robber later broke into his house and shot his Uncle Ben.

Learning the hard way that with great power comes great responsibility, Peter began fighting crime as Spider-Man. He fought countless villains such as Venom, Carnage, The Kingpin, Electro, Kraven, The Green Goblin, The Hobgoblin, Mysterio and many others all whilst trying to maintain something of a social life and making a living selling pictures of Spider-Man to J. Jonah Jameson, Publisher of The Daily Bugle.

Whilst attempting to save John Jameson from a shuttle crash, Spider-Manís costume becomes stained with thick black ooze. Believing it to be dirt, he pays no attention to it. He later finds himself in a strange new suit that increases every one of his spider-powers! Believing that some good luck has finally come his way, Spidey keeps the suit, until he learned it was effecting his emotions and antagonizing him. Managing to free himself of the suit, Peter presumed that the suit died. Unfortunately for Peter, the suit didnít die; it only found a new host in Eddie Brock. Combining Brockís hatred for both Peter and Spider-Man, and the symbiotes anger towards Peterís rejection they combined and became Venom! Constantly hounding Peter and his loved ones, Venom quickly became Parkerís worst nightmare until he managed to separate the symbiote from Brock and sent the alien back into space.

Peterís luck changed from bad to worse after he began losing his powers. After seeking Dr. Connerís help, Conners tests revealed that Peter losing his powers was merely the beginning of a series of changes that the spider-bite brought him. Learning that he was about to be transformed into something that ďwonít be humanĒ, Peter began seeking help from Conners, Dr. Crawford and Professor Xavier. Unfortunately, Peter became impatient with waiting and took a serum Crawford invented too soon. Accelerating his transformation, Peter grew 4 extra arms. Still feeling guilty over his part in Michael Morbiusí own transformation into a plasma-craving vampire, he set out to help cure him before curing himself. Peterís mutation continued and he became more spider than man. With the help of a new serum that Dr. Crawford devised, Kraven The Hunter and The Punisher managed to change Spidey back into a man, but not completely cure him.

After The Vulture drained Spider-Man of his youth, Toomes began to change into Man Spider himself. After threatening Conners, Curt managed to trick Vulture into permanently draining Spider-Man of his mutation. After reuniting with Mary Jane, disaster struck. The Green Goblin learned of Spideyís secret identity and kidnapped Mary Jane. Armed with his newfound portal hopping device, Spider-Man and The Green Goblin fought on the George Washington Bridge and Mary Jane fell into one of the portals. With the battle resulting in the loss of both Mary Jane and The Goblin, Spider-Man managed to continue on and found new love in The Black Cat. Unaware that she was really Felicia Hardy, Black Cat helped Spider-Man move on after MJ until her old boyfriend Morbius returned and she left with him.

With the loss of both of his Father and Mary Jane getting to him, Harry followed in his fatherís footsteps and became The Green Goblin. After there battle ended, Mary Jane suddenly reappeared and had no memory as to what happened to her. Peter later told her his secret and they soon married. Their happiness was short lived, as they learned that Mary Jane wasnít the real Mary Jane at all, she was actually a water based clone based on Hydro-Manís DNA. After her molecules began falling apart, Peter was alone again.

Before he even had a chance to grieve, he was called to lead a super team of his choice, to prove whether good was mightier than evil. After succeeding, Peter returned to learn that an evil version of himself had bonded with the Carnage symbiote and was planning to completely end the universe. With the help of his Uncle Ben, Peter managed to defeat Spider-Carnage, and now completed the challenge Madame Web required him for, he and Madame Web went off to find MJ, in the pursuit of happiness.

Canít say he didnít deserve it, can you?