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Battle Of The Insidious Six
Review by Amazing Spidey, Media By Kolbar

Episode #15 - Battle Of The Insidious Six
Original Airdate September 16, 1995

Spider-Man is unmasked by The Insidious Six! Believing him to be a fake, Peter must trick the villains into thinking that the real Spider-Man will be arriving shortly. Meanwhile, Kingping hits the Crimelords.

Story By: John Semper
Written By: Doug Booth
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahchi
Animation Services By: Toyko Movie Shinsha (TMS)
Guest Starring: Christopher Daniel Barnes as Spider-Man/ Peter Parker, Ed Asner as J. Jonah Jameson, Linda Gary as Aunt May, Efrem Zimbalist Jr as Dr. Octopus, Jim Cummings as The Shocker, Don Stark as The Rhino, Richard Moll as The Scorpion, Greg Berher as Mysterio and Roscoe Lee Brown as The Kingpin.

Review: I hadn't read the comic this was based on, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 at the time, so I was gob smacked when Doc Ock unmasked him. What was even better was how it was resolved in a respectable manner. It didn't seem forced to me. The only thing which confused me, was wouldn't the villains get a little curious as to how he created the webbing?

It was nice to see the Peter/Octavious relationship expanded on. It made for some great scenes in Dr. Octopus: Armed And Dangerous and made some even better scenes here. I always felt this was the last great appearance of Doc Ock. In the majority he was nothing but a common supervillain, usually working for Fisk. Here, he still had all the characteristics that made him such a great villain to begin with.

The disappearing powers angle made for some great drama. Whilst he was fighting them, you never knew if they where going to give out on him. It made the opening fight in the warehouse all the better. It also tied into the Neogenic Nightmare angle very well, branding it as only the beginning stages of his disease. I thought this episode was actually one of the better episodes of the seasons. It lost the track for a couple of episodes in the middle, and was boring as hell by the time The Tablet Of Tim story came about.

And finally, it must be said, that this episode had ending of an episode ever, summed up perfectly in the quote below;

SPIDER-MAN: Come on Doc! My powers came back and I feel great! How bad can the test results be?

CONNERS: This bad. The mutagenic factor in your blood has undergone another transfomation.

SPIDER-MAN: Did you say mutagenic, as in mutant?

CONNERS: I'm afraid so. Whilst I can't tell you exactly what your DNA is turning you into, one things already clear. It won't be human…

Damn creepy... simply the best ending on this show!