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Secret Wars, Part Three: Doom
Review by Amazing Spidey, Media by JTalpur

Episode #63 - Secret Wars, Part Three: Doom
Original Airdate 21th November 1997

Dr. Doom reverts The Thing to his human form and holds the other heroes prisoner. In an attempt to free his friends, The Thing tells Dr. Doom about the Beyonder. Doom then steals the Beyonder's powers, but they begin manifesting themself in the form of creatures from Dr. Doom's dreams.

Written By: John Semper, Mark Hoffmeier and Ernie Altbacker
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahchi
Animation Services By: Toyko Movie Shinsha (TMS)
Guest Starring: Christopher Daniel Barnes as Spider-Man, Robert Hayes as Iron Man, Joan Lee as Madame Web, Earl Boen as The Beyonder, David Hyter as Captain America, Iona Morris as Storm and Joseph Campanella as The Lizard, Tom Kane as Dr.Doom, Cam Clarke as Mr. Fantastic, Gail Matthius as The Invisible Woman, Quinton Flynn as The Human Torch, and Patrick Pinney as The Thing

Review: The final part to Secret Wars is slightly better than the opening chapter, but only by a small margin. Itís not all that faithful to itís comic book counterpart, but itís actually more entertaining, in my opinion. As with all Secret Wars episodes, the animation shined.

I especially like The Lizard here. Itís no secret that he was a stand in because they werenít allowed to use The Hulk, but I found that it was pretty convenient as it allowed the story to still have some familiarity with Spider-Manís world, even though they were fighting on an alien planet.

The main villain of the piece is finally unveiled, after the 2 previous episodes ignored him. It has to be noted, Dr. Doom = Awesome. Heís far better here than in any of the FF shows, or his guest spots. His voice, his design, his character all of it is simply so much better than the alternatives. Itís a great shame we never got something of a follow up. Iíd love to see Spider-Man vs. Dr. Doom part 2.

Even though it was only a small moment, itís worth noting that this is, to my knowledge, the only time Spidey and the Human Torch have had an animated team up. There was something odd about the FF here, something I still struggle to put my finger on. They are nothing like they are in their own show, but John Semper has stated that he wasnít fond of the show (or itís actors, which is why most of them are recast) but it has to be said, Sue and Johnny have better designs. Much better. Reed and Ben not so much, but Sue and Johnny had some nice designs. It looked pretty shoddy when he flamed on, much to my disappointment.

Part 3 is most noticeable to me, on a personal level as it has one of my favourite Spidey quotes in it.

Spider-Man: Hold on Doom. Weíre not your pawns. Under that metal suit, youíre just a very disturbed human being. You canít possibly control the God like abilities youíve stolen. You might place us all in great danger if you donít give that power up!

Dr. Doom: Do you take me for a fool? Who amongst you has ever wanted to give up your superpowers?

Spider-Man: I have. Because Iíve learned, time and time again, that with great power, there must also come great responsibility.

Best. Quote. Ever.

Itís followed up however, with a reallyÖ silly scene in which the heroes are about to be crushed by a mountain. They do an almighty push and force it of off themselves. Only, weíre seeing exactly the same image of a mountain, not the characters struggling with their push. I understand that itís intentions may have been to showcase a great ďIf this be my destinyĒ struggle, only, itís falls flat, and is almost embarrassing to watch, quite frankly.

Itís quickly followed up with a nice ending, and an even better cliffhanger for what is to come. To know all that weíve just watched was merely a test made me wonder what was coming next when I first saw it.

And it didnít disappoint, Iím happy to say.