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Real Name: Peter Parker
First Appearance: Worlds Apart, Part One
Voice: Rino Romano
After failing to stop Venom and Carnage tag along John Jameson’s shuttle on it’s journey to Counter Earth, Spider-Man was overcome with guilt. After the city turned against him, he stopped being Spider-Man after everyone believed he died in collapsed building.

‘Borrowing’ nano tech technology from Reed Richards, Spider-Man stole a shuttle and headed to Counter Earth in an attempt to rescue John Jameson, after he sent a plea for help.
Upon arriving on the new planet, he was attacked The Beastials, a group of hybrids of humans and animals.

He soon realised that this group ruled the planet under the High Evolutionary, and humans were considered lower beings and were forced to live in The Basement. After Peter Parker rescued a young boy, Shane, in The Basement, he asked his Mother if he could rent her spare room, and he lived with them for his entire experience on Counter Earth.

Spider-Man aligned himself with the human resistance, in hopes of defeating The Beastials and returning home to his beloved Mary Jane.