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Cry Vulture
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #7 - Cry Vulture
Original Airdate - 10th February, 2001

Counter Earth's version of The Vulture attacks Spider-Man, believing him to be in league with The High Evolutionary.

Story By: Roger Slifer, Michael Reaves, Will Meugniot
Written By: Diane Duane, Peter Morwood
Directed By: Patrick Archibald

Review: Iím not sure why this show keeps turning the alternate version of Spideyís rogues gallery good, but Iím not really seeing the point of it all. This time The Vulture is turned into a good guy, but to be honest, heís so much like The Green Goblin Iím wondering why they didnít bother bringing him back. Spidey and The Vultures fight takes place for exactly the same reason as why webhead fought The Goblin. The series seems to be using the same bad ideas over again Ė for a series that is 6 or 7 episodes in, it shouldnít be running out of steam this quickly.

The Vulture himself was pretty uninspired. His childhood back story didnít really hold my interest and thereís too many similarities to The Green Goblin not to notice.

The plot of the episode is pretty shallow, and Spider-Manís reluctance to give The Beastials what they deserve is getting confusing. They were experimenting on people, and when their operation was destroyed, Spider-Man stopped the people from killing Sir Ram. Fair enough, Spider-Man doesnít murder. But Ram got away with it completelyÖ Spidey didnít attempt to stop him, which strikes me as confusing. This plot with The Beastials running the world doesnít seem to be going anywhere as Spidey wonít oppose them unless they attack him. Itís getting tiresome. Strike that, itís always been tiresome, now itís just getting irritating.

The episodeís ending did leave me intrigued, however, with John turning into The Man Wolf. Iíve never been too big a fan of this character, letís see how he holds up in this showÖ