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Deadly Choices
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #4 - Deadly Choices
Original Airdate December 23rd, 2000.

When Git steals a bomb that could blow up all of New York, Spider-Man, The Human Resistance and The Beastials team up to stop him.

Story By: Michael Reaves, Will Meugniot
Written By: Steve Perry
Directed By: Patrick Archibald

Review: This episode takes the time to go into the back story of one of the humans that John Jameson hangs around with, Git. His bizarre appearance and mute personality actually made him the one I was most interested in seeing again after watching Worlds Apart as well, the rest of them seemed to be quite dull. Theyíre all fleshed out a little more here, and Git is still the most interesting of them. I actually felt sorry for the character, and I havenít felt anything except boredom and anger since I started watching this series.

The flashbacks to Gitís childhood were actually pretty well done, and it actually made The Beastials seem more like sick, evil villains rather than just talking animals with a better than thou attitude. On the subject of The Beastials, itís getting harder to watch them. Sir Ramís arrogant dialogue doesnít help matters at all, but the simple fact is, they arenít interestingÖ in the slightest. Perhaps Iím having too difficult a time getting over talking animals ruling the world, but it seems to far Ďout thereí for Spider-Man.

There were a lot of elements here to reference in future episodes, with someone (voiced by Rino Ramano, which means itís probably The Green Goblin) stalking Jaime and his Mother, and Venom and Carnage now have the bomb that everybody spent the entire episode fighting over.

Overall though, nothing seems to be standing out in the episodes. Thereís no oomph or spark to any of it. Perhaps the very premises of the series is too far away from the Spider-Man I know and love, but Iím really not feeling any of this show so far. It never quite reaches a good level. Itís either terrible, simply bad or just watchable. Thereís still time to improve, but I donít think the show has it in it.