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Family Matters
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #10 - Family Matters
Original Airdate 10th March, 2001.

Spider-Man aids Bromley in trying to find his long lost brother...

Written By: Larry Brody, Mark Hoffmeier
Directed By: Patrick Archibald

Note: Episode is also referred to as “Matters Of The Heart”

This episode gives Bramley a bit of a back-story and sees Spider-Man go toe to toe with The High Evolutionary. I’ll admit to being quite surprised when Bramley turned on Spidey, but there wasn’t enough spark in the rest of the episode, it simply struggled to get out of second gear.

There’s little denying that the characters simply aren’t interesting enough to hold the show together, and given how the main plot of humans vs Beastials is simply a waste of time, the show struggles to do anything worth noting, despite having the odd cool moment.

I’m still in the camp that think the show’s premises was absolutely retarded to begin with, and blame the show’s status on sheer lack of originality. From what I’ve seen online, Michael Reaves isn’t too fond of the show, and Will Meugniot, the show’s producer doesn’t seem to be too impressed with it based on his comments on his site. To see some of his work on the show, check out www.storyboardpro.com, there’s a lot interesting stuff there!

Nothing about the series is standing out, coupled with weak versions of Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage and a host of alternate versions of the villains, the show is probably better left forgotten.