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Ill Met By Moonlight
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #8 - Ill Met By Moonlight
Original Airdate 17th February, 2001.

Spider-Man battles The Man Wolf as the Human Resistance attempts to break into one of The High Evolutionary's labs.

Written By: Larry Brody, Robert Gregory-Browne
Directed By: Patrick Archibald

Review: The story actually moves along in this episode, as Spider-Man is willing to go against The High Evolutionary and his forces after uhming and ahhing all season. This episode is an above average affair for this show, and gave me the impression the series was actually planning on going somewhere, rather than simply staying the exact same damn place each week.

Man Wolf wasnít up to much here, just a mindless brute that John occasionally turned into. Mindless brutes arenít really all that interesting as characters as they simply smash things for the fun of it. The Incredible Hulk, Man Wolf wasnít, unfortunately.

Another classic rouge gets revamped here Ė Electro, how is now an electric eel. The series will never be accused of being original but Jesus Wept; Spider-Man fighting a giant Electric Eel is something no man should have to witness. Heís basically just a guard protecting The High Evolutionaryís tower, nothing more, and nothing less.

Above average, but still not brilliant. With only a few episodes remaining, this series needs to do something magic if itís hoping to become worth watching.