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Sins Of The Fathers
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #12 - Sins Of The Fathers
Original Airdate 17th March, 2001.

When Karen is kidnapped by The High Evolutionary and his Machine Men, Spider-Man and X51 break into his headquarters to free her.

Written By: Larry Brody, Mark Hoffmeier
Directed By: Patrick Archibald

Review: A rather odd episode as pretty much its sole purpose is to inform us that Karen was the Granddaughter of The High Evolutionary. The episode has no real resolution and does nothing to flesh out each character. With the series demise on the horizon the whole episode came across as little pointless.

On the positive side of things it was nice to see X51 again. It’s pretty awful that the most interesting character is a robot, but he’s much more likeable than all the rebels, the Beastials and the guest stars combined. I honestly couldn’t tell you if he’s more likeable because Robert Hayes voiced him or he was the only good guy (Spidey aside) that didn’t have an attitude but, as it stands, X51 is more interesting than John, Bramley and Karen put together.

Given how important a role he’d played in the series, The High Evolutionary was an utter waste of time. There’s a general rule that most folks like their bad guys to be slightly good (and their good guys to be slightly bad) but as it stands, THE was simply bland in the lead villain role, and didn’t prove to be likeable in the slightest. I believe this episode was supposed to flesh him out a little, with his back story about his family leaving him. There’s the obvious connection that this could be why he hates humans, but this contradicts his motives set up in World’s Apart, Part 2.

In short, not too much to be found here, even by this show’s standards.