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Review and Media by Stu

Episode #9 - Sustenance
Original Airdate 3rd March, 2001.

Spider-Man and The Green Goblin are kidnapped as Spider-Man attempts to find his shuttle and head back home.

Written By: Larry Brody, Robert Gregory-Browne
Directed By: Patrick Archibald

Review: The Green Goblin returns and discovers Spider-Manís secret identity! Donít get your hopes up though gentle readers, Turning Point this isnít, even if The Goblin discovers his identity in almost the exact same way. One does wonder why Peterís Spider Sense didnít go off thoughÖ

Peterís life with Yioko and Shane isnít really all that interesting. It does give him an excuse not to be Spider-Man all the time, but it does get a little tedious especially as Shane is pretty annoying, like most kids are in cartoons. Worst still, his design has this one hair out of place in his Afro, and Jesus, is it annoying. It just dangles thereÖ highly irritating.

The somewhat interesting story of Goblin knowing Peterís identity is quickly tossed aside and forgotten about as we get more Beastials nonsense, and more of The High Evolutionary talking out his backside about humans being waste, yada yada yada, weíve heard it all before. Several times at this point in the series.

One of the more interesting things is Spider-Man has finally found his ship and is heading to Atlanta City in an attempt to get home. Itís not really built up as an emergency, thereís no real emotion behind his plight to get home and itís lost among the mess of Beastials again. The show has potential, but itís too wrapped up in this nonsense with The Beastials to notice it. Weíve yet to have a single episode that constantly delivers throughout. Hell, Iíd settle for a decent ***1/2 star episode right now, this show is averaging out at ** and **1/2.

At least it ends soon!