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Worlds Apart, Part Two
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #2 - Worlds Apart, Part Two
Original Airdate October 9th, 1999.

Upon arriving on Counter Earth, Spider-Man meets The Beastials, the animel men who run the planet...

Story By: Will Meugniot, Michael Reaves
Written By: Michael Reaves
Directed By: Patrick Archibald
Guest Starring: Rino Romano as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Michael Donovan as Carnage, Tasha Simms as Lady Ursula, Jennifer Hale as Lady Vermin/Mary Jane Watson, Ron Halder as Sir Ram, Richard Newman as The High Evolutionary, Brian Drummond as Venom/Eddie Brock, Kim Hawthorne as Karen O'Malley, Christopher Gaze as Bromley) David Sobolov as Lord Tyge, Rhys Huber as Shane Yamada-Jones, Akiko Morison as Naoko , John Payne as John Jameson and Mark Gibbon as Nick Fury.

Review: The conclusion to the opening isnít as strong as part one. It wouldnít have taken much, but I constantly found myself rolling my eyes at this episode, and was genuinely tempted to switch it off on at least 3 occasions. Itís tedious, thereís no other way to describe it. Oh wait, yes there is Ė itís stupid. The concept of Spider-Man and a bunch of humans fighting talking animals is utterly retarded and so not Spider-Man like, you really do wonder how Marvel could shamelessly sell out their most popular character like this.

Spider-Man works best as a relatable hero - A superhero trying to maintain some resemblance of a normal life as he lives with the responsibility that comes with his powers. Whether he is at school, college or work being Spider-Man is the thing that always gets in Peterís way and ultimately leads to him screwing up. None of that is found in this series. Peter Parker canít be found in this series. His supporting cast isnít interesting, and heís on an alien world battling talking action figure rejects. This isnít Spider-Man, its manufactured drivel designed to tell toys without the slightest thought gone into the character. Itís hard to watch and enjoy a show when youíre favourite character is utterly butchered Ė made into nothing more than some marketing losers idea of a toy line.

And yes, this episode did suck. Badly too. Letís see if the counter Earth versions of Spider-Manís classic rouges gallery fair betterÖ