Episode #3: Hindsight, Part Three
Original Airdate - January 30th, 2009

Emma Frost shows up to the newly re-built X-Mansion wanting to help the X-Men find Professor X. Wolverine is untrusting of her but desperate to find Xavier and has Forge finish re-building Cerebro so that she can use her telepathic powers to locate him. It doesn’t take long before Emma has him placed on the Island of Genosha, home of the evil Magneto. The team heads out to Genosha immediately to bring him home. Scott hears the news and although they haven’t found his precious Jean Grey he feels there is finally some hope with a telepath on the team and joins the crusade. Magneto finds the X-Men in his palace and after a small battle of egos he surprisingly allows them to bring the comatose Xavier back with them. Professor X is soon safe and sound in the Cerebral Chamber. He contacts the Wolverine telepathically from the future, describing a world of nightmare. His apocalyptic prophesy proclaims that he must reunite the X-Men to fight against the impending war and that it is Wolverine who will be their leader.

Written by Greg Johnson
Directed by Nicholas Filippi
Music by Dean Grinsfelder
Animation By Noxxon Entertainment

Steve Blum as Wolverine
Fred Tacasciore as Beast
Nolan North as Cyclops
Tom Kane As Magneto
Danielle Judovits as Shadowcat
Jim Ward as Professor X
Roger Craig Smith as Forge
Kari Wahlgren as Emma Frost

Review: Arsenal - In earlier episodes, there was a simple reason Wolverine was leading the X-Men and not Cyclops or Xavier. There was nobody else. Cyclops was an emotional wreck and Xavier was missing.

“Hindsight III” changes that. Now, Wolverine must lead because Xavier is trapped in the future and he has foreseen that Wolverine must lead them. That… feels… contrived.

The initial status they set up seems a lot more natural. Cyclops can’t do it so Wolverine must. Now, it’s “Wolverine must do it because floating future head said so.” I like that less.

Granted, the creators let Scott Summers bristle at his demotion too. Whether this Xavier-al mandate works or feels contrived is up to the creators of the show, and so far they’ve earned some good faith.

“Hindsight, Part III” continues the cavalcade of introductions with Emma Frost, Forge and Magneto. This Magneto is Magneto Rex, leader of Genosha, and the voice actor seems to be doing his best impression of Sir Ian. (Likewise, Xavier deliberately sounds like Patrick Stewart.)

We’ve seen Magneto as a freedom fighter in X-Men:TAS and a supervillain in X-Men: Evolution, but we only saw him as a leader of a nation briefly in the finale of the former show. Making Magneto the leader of Genosha is a great way to use a classic villain without treading on too familiar territory.

Likewise, the introduction of Emma Frost is a nice way to shake up the chemistry of the team. She replaces the blander Jean Grey and Xavier as resident psychic. That may upset some Jean-o-philes or old school comic fans, but she’s wittier and more interesting than either. It’s nice that the creative team also alludes to Emma’s darker past.

Forge is a bit of a one-note character in the comics. He builds stuff, useful stuff, just in time. He’s like a single slice of Reed Richards better rounded character. In this show, he’s funny. Not funny in the “whoa, man, I’m a hippie trapped in the past” way that Evo tried to force, but in a natural manner.

Instead, Forge is a creator who gets upset when the X-Men wreck everything he works so hard on. It’s brilliant characterization for a bit part.

This episode also introduces the modus operandi of the show. Xavier is warning them from the future that they have to save the world from things that will happen if the team falls apart.

I could live without the time travel stuff. If Xavier starts every episode with “a message from the future” than this show could quickly turn into Charlie’s Angels with Charles as, well, Charlie.

But, once again, these are things that could become a problem, as could the lack of honest-to-goodness villains. But nothing is a problem. Right now, this show is three-for-three.


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