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Red Dawn
Review By Stu, Media by Jim Harvey

Episode #17 - Red Dawn
Original Airdate 13th November 1993

Collosus return's to ask the X-Men for help tackling one of Wolverine's old foes...

Written By: Ted Pederson and Francis Moss
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM
Guest Starring: Robert Cait as Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Len Doncheff as Omega Red, Elizabeth Rukavina as Darkstar

Review: This episode features the return of one of my favourite guest stars and introduces one of my favourite villains. Colossus was so cool on this show. It was nice to see a mutant who didn't dress up in spandex for a change. I’m not sure why I like this version of Colossus so much but I think it’s because he has absolutely no interest in the human/mutant war, and simply wants to be left alone on his families’ farm in Russia, but still has a good heart all the same.

Omega Red turned out to be a pretty cool villain. We’d seen him once or twice before some of Wolverine’s many flashbacks so it was nice to finally see who he actually was. I thought he had a great presence on screen. A very cool, almost creepy design, a great gimmick (tentacles!) and an awesome, ruthless voice. A lot of cartoons give foreigners really, really stupid accents, but Omega Red was given a cold, ruthless voice. Once again, rutheless. I know this series gets a lot of complaints about the cast, but I thought most of them were outstanding in their roles. There’s more than a few exceptions such as Jubilee, Jean Grey and Storm but I thought there was defiantly more hits than misses.

This would be Colossus’ last appearance in the show, and he got a fine send off. He showed a little more interest in joining The X-Men this time around (it would’ve been awesome to see him somewhere in Graduation Day!) but alas, a large cast left no room for everyone’s favourite Russian mutant. It’s a shame Jubilee was included in the cast, there had to be someone who would’ve fitted in better!

I thought the finale was pretty cool with Omega Red being trapped in the cold, and there were some great shots of him embedded in ice. He only had one follow up appearance that was a great shame as he was one of the show’s cooler villains.

Plus, a cameo appearance from Captain America! It doesn't get much cooler!