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'Til Death Do Us Part, Parts One And Two
Review by Stu, Media by Jim Harvey

Episode #14 - Til Death Do Us Part, Part One
Original Airdate - February 20th, 1993

The X-Men are shocked to learn someone is trying to divide them... but who is it?

Episode #15 - Til Death Do Us Part, Part Two
Original Airdate - February 27th, 1993

The X-Men search for Scott and Jean, and meet a new foe in Mr. Sinister.

Written By: Mark Edward Edens (Part One), Micheal Edens (Part Two)
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM
Guest Starring: Christopher Britton as Mr. Sinister, David Hemblen as Magneto, Ron Rubin as Morph, and John Stocker as Graydon Creed

Review: The animation in this season was a big improvement, and the season long story arc began right away. The new villain, Mr. Sinister wasn’t anything like Magneto and unlike Magneto, this villain was evil. When I was a kid, he used to scare the crap out of me. Christopher Britton was absolutely perfect for the role and for once, they got a perfect design for the character. He didn’t really appear too much in these episodes, as he wasn’t the main villain, Morph was the main villain.

I remember thinking how creepy it was seeing Morph again. The thought of him coming back didn’t occur to me when I first watched this and I was genuinely shocked to see him again! And now he was evil! He too had a creepy design, and SHOCK VALUE! Oh my God Morph is still alive! I don’t think anyone could’ve seen that coming!

This episode also introduced one of my favourite groups into the show; The Friends Of Humanity. I found them to be a fantastic foil for the X-Men and the perfect example of what the X-Men fought against. Narrow minded prejudice people. I especially liked how they set up Beast.

Speaking of setting up, Morph tricking the other X-Men into fighting each other came up with some genuinely clever ideas, especially Beast and Rouge’s argument in the hospital. Now only was he back (OH MY GOD!) but now he really was evil and manipulative!

I thought the most disappointing part of the episode was its conclusion. I found the ending to be very under whelming. I knew we’d see Sinister and Evil Morph again, but I thought that the way this particular episode ended was a little rushed and lacked any real conclusion. I usually love the continuity in this series but here; I thought it left too much to be told in later episodes. It’s also worth noting… Cyclops is a fashion disaster in or out of his costume. A bright orange shirt and blue shorts. It was like watching Bart Simpson shoot laser beams out of his eyes.

But still, one can’t complain at this story too much, especially seeing how good (and damn creepy!) Mr Sinister actually was and how much of an “OH MY GOD!” moment’s Morph’s return was.