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Xavier Remembers
Review and Media By Stu

Episode #62 - Xavier Remembers
Original Airdate - February 3rd, 1996

Xavier's concussion leads to more problems than a simple headache...

Written By: Stephanie Mathison
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM

Review: This episode stands as one of the show’s lesser episodes, but there are some great moments in here. The Shadow King is a villain who I’ve always thought to be incredibly boring, and a psychic battle between him and Xavier is something I’d never care to see. His inclusion in the episode was necessary of course, but after a strong beginning, I thought he basically came in and ruined the episode.

My favourite scene in the episode was undoubtedly the nightmares that were projected into the X-Men’s minds. A great use of continuity, it was plain creepy seeing Sinister mocking Cyclops and he grabbed a presumably dead Jean. Cyclops was undoubtedly my favourite, but I thought Jubilee’s nightmare of having the Sentinels come and take here away in the night was an excellent visual, especially as it’s what the whole premises of the show is about, The X-Men fighting for a world so that mutants won’t have to worry about being killed/kidnapped simply because they are mutants.

I thought Wolverine’s nightmare of Sabertooth was a little lame, if only because we’ve seen Wolverine hand Sabertooth his ass dozens of time in the show. Given how well this show’s version of Wolverine was developed, I think they were more than capable of given him a much better nightmare. Ironically enough, X-Men: Evolution had the exact same situation where they had their worst nightmares projected into their minds. Overall, I think this one is better, but again, Wolverine (who had visions of his Weapon X experience) was better portrayed.

There was one really cool sequence in this episode, aside from the dream sequence. We got a few cameo appearances from The X-Men in their original costumes, even Wolverine in the John Romita Sr. version!

The ending visuals were an eyesore. Shadow King doesn’t have the best of designs, but the astral fight was simply difficult to keep up with. The white outlines on a black sky simply didn’t work with AKOM’s animation, and the whole sequence was simply ugly. A daring move by the storyboard artists, no doubt, but one that unfortunately didn’t pay off.