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X-Men: The Animated Series Episode Guide

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Click on the links above to view the complete set of loglines for each episode of X-Men: The Animated Series. Please note the episode guide is presented via production order, though each episode features airdate information and season placement.

X-Men: The Animated Series debuted October 31st, 1992 on the Fox Network as part of the Fox Kids Saturday morning lineup. The series loosely adapted famous storylines and events in the famed X-Men comics, including "The Dark Phoenix Saga," "Days of Future Past," "The Phalanx Covenant," as well as drawing inspiration from many ongoing plotlines in the assorted X-Men comic titles.

While the show flowed relatively smoothly for the majority of the first three seasons, with the odd exception, major production delays resulted in nearly every episode beginning toward the end of the third season onward to be aired in an incorrect order. For example, due to animation problems with a few episodes from the third season, including some needing a heavy amount of retakes and corrections, several of those said episodes would not appear until the fourth or even fifth season. This resulted in episodes from the latter seasons being pushed up to compensate for the troubled episodes.

Each episode was assigned two different numbers internally. One is for Script Order, which indicates the number assigned by the production company. The other is for Production Order, which are the official episode numbers assigned by FOX Children's Network, indicating the order in which they received the episodes. These both vary from the order in which the series actually aired after season three. According to series writer Steven Melching, the script order is the "best guide in terms of overall series continuity, as this is how the stories were originally envisioned to flow together."

More details on the conflicting episode guide listings and troubled production can be found in the Backstage section. To compliment, a cast list is available to view here.