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Review and Media by Stu

Episode #41 - X23
Original Airdate November 16th, 2002

A new Weapon X has been created using Wolverine's genetic code. When the clone attacks the mansion, Wolverine has one hour to save everyone in the mansion and stop the Weapon X23...

Story By: Craig Kyle
Written By: Craig Kyle and Chris Yost
Directed By: Curt Geda
Music Composed By: William Anderson
Guest Starring: Jim Byrnes as Nick Fury, Tony Sampson as Berzerker, Lisa Ann Beley as Doctor Deborah Risman and Andrea Libman as X23.

Review: Often the subject of much controversy, X23 was an original character added at Marvelís request in hopes of getting more Wolverine appearances in the show. I remember quite a strong negative backlash for the episode going in, but, contrary to popular belief, itís really nothing bad. Sure, X23 could be annoying at times, but the episode is nothing horrible.

It did utterly fail with its original intentions however, we still only received one Wolverine episode per season, and yes, it was annoying that he now had to share the spotlight with some knock off of him. Apparently, even 4 episodes out of a possible 52 is still too much for Kids WBís teen rule, nope, a teen simply had to be brought in for the later seasons.

The best thing about the episode is the utterly fantastic animation. Itís unlike any of the other episodes but it has such great line work that everything looked amazing. Everything from Wolverineís angry expressions to the Hydra scientistís look of regret and guilt to X23 taking out each and every one of The X-Men. The rest of the episode is a little ho hum, but the tremendous staging with X23 enters the mansion and KOís the entire team does lift the episode up a bit, but it does get a little tedious at times.

Again, not too terrible, not brilliant, but pretty dry story with mouth watering visuals.