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Dr. Franklin Storm

First Appearance: Behold A Distant Star
Voice: Richard McGonacle
Bio:Johnny believed his father was killed at an early age. After the death of his wife in a horrific car accident, grief-stricken, Dr. Storm began gambling. After losing everything, some men attempted to reclaim there money, and a shot was accidentally fired, killing the man. Dr. Storm ran, and informed Sue that he was ok, but told her not to tell Johnny, and to let him believe his father had died.

When Sue was injured when Skrulls attacked Earth, only her Father was qualified to perform the surgery needed to save her life. Once he performed the operation, he was lead away in changes. Whilst incarcerated, he was beamed to the Skrullís ship, and replaced with Superskrull, who used his shape changing abilities to fool everyone into thinking he was Dr. Storm. Once Reed uncovered the Skrullís plans, he demanded that the real Franklin Storm be returned at once. He was beamed down to Earth, only he was booby trapped with an explosive device. He was killed by the bomb..