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The Human Torch

Real Name: Johnny Storm
First Appearance: Origin Of The Fantastic Four, Part 1
Voice: Brian Austin Green (Season 1) / Quinton Flynn (Season 2)
Bio: No one is quite sure why Jonathan Spencer Storm decided to go into space with the rest of them, but upon landing, he realised that he had the ability to set himself alight, controlling the flames. His newfound powers also allowed him to fly.

Upon returning to earth, Johnny felt lonely. His newfound powers denied him from having any real friends. Reed and Sue had each other, Ben had Alicia, but he had no one. After meeting Crystal, from the Inhuman World, the two fell in love, but Crystals family refused to allow them to be together because Johnny was an outsider, not one of them. Maximus The Mad created a wall over the inhumanís city that no force could penetrate, whilst Johnny remained lonely on the outside. Only Blackboltís almighty voice could destroy the wall, and upon itís collapsing, Johnny and Crystal were finally reunited.