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The Silver Surfer

Real Name: Norin Rad
First Appearance: The Silver Surfer And The Coming Of Galactus
Voice: Robin Sachs (Season 1) / Edward Albert (Season 2)
Bio: Norin Rad was once a peaceful from a world that aimed to spread its message of peace throughout the cosmos. When his world was on the verge of being consumed by Galactus, Rad offered a trade to the devourer of worlds. If Galactus spared his world, Norin would become his herald, and rome the universe to find planets for Galactus to feed upon.

After seeing the life on Earth, The Surfer pleaded with Galactus to spare it, and fought him in battle. Once over, Galactus forbade The Surfer from leaving this galaxy, and Surfer remained trapped on Earth.

Dr. Doom attempted to steal his power cosmic twice, but with the help of The Fantastic Four, he managed to regain them.