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The Thing

Real Name: Ben Grimm
First Appearance: Origin Of The Fantastic Four, Part 1
Voice: Chuck McCann
Bio: Best friend of Reed Richards, Ben Grimm refused to allow Richards to pilot the shuttle, Grimm, as a pilot officered to do the job himself. After Reed ignored his pleas to protect the craft from cosmic radiation, the shuttle was bombarded by the cosmic rays and crashed back to earth.
Upon landing, Ben, was turned into a hideous creator made of rock, and one of the strongest creatures alive. After returning to New York, Benís mind was taken over by the Puppet Master, in an attempt to destroy his friends. Once his mind was restored, the Puppet Master fell out of a window, to his death. His blind daughter, Alicia Masters, moved into an apartment in the Baxter Building and the two developed a romance.

He still fought crime, hoping that one day Reed would find a cure for his condition so that he and Alicia could marry.