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Dr. Doom

Real Name: Victor Von Doom
First Appearance: The Mask Of Doom, Part 1
Voice: Neil Ross/John Vernon/Simon Templeton
Bio: Victor Von Doom was Reed’s college roommate, where the two were the best of friends. After an accident horrifically scarred most of his face, Dr. Doom left the college. He returned to New York, and kidnapped Sue in an attempt to blackmail the remaining members into travelling into the past to collected an ancient coffin which would make him all powerful. Reed tricked Doom, and Doom escaped.

When he returned, he had a new plan for power. He managed to steal the Silver Surfers power cosmic and tried to kill The Fantastic Four before Galactus discovered that someone had dare steal his former herald’s power and took it from him.

His later attempts to kill them shortly left the FF powerless and Daredevil managed to help them restore their powers. The Thing, angry that Doom gave him his human form back only to have it taken away crushed both of Doom’s hands. Realising he was no match for the Thing’s raw strength, he tricked The Hulk into trying to kill the FF, but Hulk soon realised he was duped and attacked Doom.

He later again stole the Surfer’s powers and noticed Galactus was half way across the galaxy at the time. Reed managed to trick him into releasing the Surfer’s powers by making him leave Earth, thus breaking the barrier in which the power cosmic was sustained.