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Episode #1 - Klaws
Original Airdate - October 7, 1967

As Johnny takes a vacation, Klaw - the murderous master of sound, arrives at the Baxter Building to battle the three remaining members of the Fantastic Four.

Episode #2 - Menace of the Mole Men
Original Airdate - September 9, 1967

After Reed's extreme experiments draw complaints from the Baxter Building's tenants, the team decides to conduct further ones on a remote island. There, they are captured by the Mole Man, the fearsome ruler of Subterranea.

Episode #3 - Diablo
Original Airdate - September 16, 1967

Lost in Transylvania, the Fantastic Four encounter a hidden castle belonging to the evil alchemist Diablo. He tricks Ben into releasing and helping him, by partly restoring him to his original human form.

Episode #4 - The Red Ghost
Original Airdate - October 7, 1967

The Fantastic Four attempt to win the space race by getting to the Moon ahead of the Red Ghost and his cosmic-powered super apes. Once there, Sue is captured by the Ghost and taken to a mysterious blue city on the Moon's surface.

Episode #5 - Invasion of the Super Skrulls
Original Airdate - September 30, 1967

The Skrulls, having tired of their setbacks at the hands of the Fantastic Four, develop the ultimate weapon: the Super Skrull, who has all of the powers and abilities of the Fantastic Four combined.

Episode #6 - Three Predictions of Dr. Doom
Original Airdate - October 28, 1967

Dr. Doom makes three dire predictions to the Fantastic Four as he tries to take over the world. With Sue captured by Doom, will all his predictions come true?

Episode #7 - The Way it all Began
Original Airdate - September 23, 1967

As Dr. Doom heads for New York, bent on Reed's destruction, the tale is told of how Reed and Doom first met, and of that fateful day, when four friends tested a starship that was bombarded with cosmic rays...

Episode #8 - Behold a Distant Star
Original Airdate - November 4, 1967

Warlord Morat of the Skrulls decides to impress the Skrull Emperor by capturing the Fantastic Four. Once caught, he robs them of their powers. Can Reed figure out a way to return them all to full strength before it's too late?

Episode #9 - Prisoners of Planet X
Original Airdate - October 14, 1967

Abducted by a U.F.O., the Fantastic Four are taken to Planet X, ruled by the tyrant Kurrgo. Planet X is doomed, and Kurrgo forces Reed to find a way of saving himself and his slaves.

Episode #10 - The Mysterious Molecule Man
Original Airdate - January 13, 1968

The Molecule Man, who can do almost anything, appears to challenge the Fantastic Four. The team must find a way to stop his vast power over all molecules before he makes good on his word to take over the Earth.

Episode #11 - Danger in the Depths
Original Airdate - November 18, 1967

The underwater kingdom of Pacifica, ruled by the noble Prince Triton, is under attack from Attuma. Lady Dorma of Pacifica emerges from the sea to ask for the Fantastic Four's help.

Episode #12 - Demon of the Deep
Original Airdate - November 11, 1967

The villainous Professor Gamma is mutated into an amphibian called the Gamma Ray. With Johnny having left the team in anger, the rest of the Fantastic Four have to deal with Gamma Ray, and his enormous sea monster Giganto.

Episode #13 - Return of the Moleman
Original Airdate - November 25, 1967

Earthquakes rock New York, and one by one buildings disappear into the ground, one of them with Sue in it. Realizing that the Mole Man's causing trouble again, the rest of the team journey into the Earth's crust to stop him.

Episode #14 - Galactus
Original Airdate - December 16, 1967

The Watcher arrives to hide the Earth hidden from Galactus and his herald, the Silver Surfer. As Reed and Ben deal with Galactus, Sue tries to reason with the Surfer, while Johnny searches for the world's only salvation: the Ultimate Nullifier.

Episode #15 - It Started on Yancy Street
Original Airdate - October 21, 1967

Answering a challenge by the Yancy Street Gang to Ben, the Fantastic Four are ambushed by the Red Ghost, who takes them all back to the blue city on the Moon.

Episode #16 - The Micro World of Dr. Doom
Original Airdate - December 30, 1967

One by one the Fantastic Four are shrunk, and end up on a microscopic world whose inhabitants have been enslaved by the nefarious Dr. Doom. Together with the planet's rightful rulers, the Fantastic Four try to stop Doom's dreams of conquest.

Epsiode #17 - Blast Starr, the Living Bomb Burst
Original Airdate - January 6, 1968

Observing a huge battle on a planet in the Negative Zone, Reed accidentally brings the powerful Blast Starr to Earth, who begins to cause carnage on yet another planet.

Episode #18 - Rama-Tut
Original Airdate - December 9, 1967

Finding an ancient Egyptian tablet with Ben's face on it, the team uses Dr. Doom's time machine to travel to ancient Egypt and find out what happened. There, they encounter the dictator Rama-Tut, from 3000 A.D.

Episode #19 - The Terrible Tribunal
Original Airdate - September 14, 1968

Klaw, the Molecule Man and Blast Starr have the Fantastic Four kidnapped and put on trial for their crimes against evil. After viewing the evidence, Reed is found guilty. Can the rest of the Four help him in time?

Episode #20 - The Deadly Director
Original Airdate - September 21, 1968

The evil Impostor disguises himself as a film director, and lures the Fantastic Four to his private island for them to star in a new film. Bringing a new sense of realism to motion pictures, the Four must evade Impostor's scenic traps.