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Fantastic Fortitude
Review by Stu, Media By Jon T

Episode 8 - Fantastic Fortitude
Original Airdate 10th November 1996

Continuing his search for a cure, Dr. Banner and his newly gamma charged cousin She Hulk travel to New York in hope that Reed Richards will be able to help them. With Mr. Fantastic and his wife on vacation, only The Thing is around to help their plight. Meanwhile, The Leader attacks, and the long running Hulk - Thing comes to its conclusion!

Written By: Bob Forward
Directed By: Tom Tataranowicz & Ernesto Lopez
Guest Starring: Beau Weaver as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Chuck McCannas Ben Grimm/The Thing, Matt Frewer as voice of The Leader, Kathy Ireland as voice of Ogress, Lisa Zane as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk

Review: Hulk had a lot of guest spots. In the first season along, we got Iron Man, Ghost Rider, The Mighty Thor and The Thing, plus the introduction of She Hulk. The majority of them were pretty good, and actually helped develop the main characters and gave a change to see some of the lesser known and underused characters, such as Thor and Ghost Rider a chance to appear on TV.

This episode guest starred The Thing and a have a brief appearance from Mr. Fantastic. It was the same Thing from the Fantastic Four cartoon, not a similar version that appeared in Spider-Manís Secret Wars saga. The episode obviously takes place after The FF show, as Ben is no longer with Alicia. We didnít see a whole lot of Ben and Alicia in FF, which is a shame because it was actually an interesting relationship unlike Johnny and whoever his heart desired that week.

The episode itself, like the Iron Man crossover, is a lot better than Hulkís appearance on FF, simply because Hulk is a much better character on his own show than his guest starring appearances. His voices, his designs, pretty much everything is a lot better in his own show.

I didnít really buy She Hulk and Thingís romance, if you could call it that. It seemedÖ wrong. I mean, I know She Hulk is sexually aggressive and all, but her and The Thing just confuses me. I simply donít get it.

The episode was entertaining enough, nothing exceptionally brilliant, nor bad. As far as the guest spots go, this was one of the weaker ones. Helping Hand, Iron Fist and Innocent Blood are both in a higher league than this one.