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Man To Man, Beast To Beast
Review by Stu, Media by Jon T

Episode #6 - Man To Man, Beast To Beast
Original Airdate October 6, 1996

Banner travels to Canada, hoping his old collegue can help him perfect his cure. Unfortunatly, the small Canadian town has been scared by a string of visits from the Sasquatch, and Hulk is blamed. Is there more to Dr. Lankowski than Banner realises?

Written By: Len Wein
Directed By: Tom Tataranowicz
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Haim Saban
Animation Services By: Sae Rom Productions
Guest Starring: Clancy Brown as Sasquatch and Peter Strauss as Dr. Walter Langkowski

Review: The first thing youíve got to feel for this episode is pity for poor Bruce Banner, shirtless, walking on ice in his bare feet, surrounded by ice. That had to be cold! Iíll forgive the fact he wouldíve frozen to death when he fell into the water, simply because this is one of Hulkís finest episode.

Itís always been an odd one to me though. It grows on me each time I see it, because itís a story thatís been done so many times before (hero befriends small boy) but it manages to both avoid the common clichťs and use them to itís advantage. Letís face it, this episode couldíve been Iíve Got A Batman In My Basement Part 2, but it was simply too good to fall into that.

Usually, I find little kids in cartoons to be chores to watch. Even as a kid, I thought they were annoying, and usually just make the adult look stupid, incompetent or both. Thankfully, the little boy, Tyler, wasnít your traditional annoyance. Sure, he thought he could capture Sasquatch, but compared to most people his age in cartoons, he was awesome. The Canadian accents werenít too bad either.

Speaking of Sasquatch, he was done justice here. I thought having him be Bruceís old colleague cursed with a similar condition was a good idea and it was interesting to see Bannerís frustration with Walter and his impatience. Whilst it was obvious that the cure wasnít going to work (much like it didnít in oh, all the episodes) it made for a great dramatic rescue and a great fight scene between the 2 beasts within the friends. Clancy Brown gave a great performance as the Sasquatch and I honestly couldnít tell it was Lex Luthor himself going toe to toe with The Hulk.

A lighthearted episode mixed with the darkness that covers this season, Iím glad the episode on a chuckle. I couldnít help but grin after Agent Gabrielís ship got ripped apart. A great conclusion to a thoroughly entertaining episode.