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Over the course, several characters from the Marvel Universe appeared in the show, usually a spilt second, blink and you'll miss them cameo. Presented below are captures of each cameo, and which episode they appeared in. Enjoy!

Triumph Of The Green Goblin

At the Comic Book costume party, the guests dress up as Captain America, Medusa, Spider-Woman, The Hulk, The Black Widow, Daredevil, Shanna The She Devil, Luke Cage, The Wasp, The Vision, The Scarlet Witch, Namor, Yellow Jacket, Dr. Strange, Pheonix, Iron Man, Thor and The Thing.

The Prison Plot

The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants members The Blob, Toad and Mastermind appear, and Ghost Rider, Mephesto, Annihilus and ?

The Origin Of Iceman

The original X-Men appear in Bobby's Flashback.

A Firestar Is Born

The X-Men, Magneto and a Sentinel appear in a flashback sequence.

Along Came Spidey

Jason From Battle Of The Planets appears. Also, one of the audience memebers is wearing a Gatchaman tracksuit.

Spider-Man: Unmasked!
J. Jonah Jameson makes a rare appearance in the show, and a trip to the costume shop shows us costumes for Captain American, The Thing, The Black Panther, Elektra, Dr. Doom, ?, Daredevil, ?, Dr. Strange and Iron Man. At the actual party, a green Darth Vader and Thor appear.

The Education Of A Superhero
The X-Men appear at the end of the episode, as Videoman joins thier school.

Attack Of The Arachnoid

Both Daredevil and Matt Murdock appear, and the various supervillains locked up in The Vault include The Fly, Electro, Blastarr, Klaw and The Scorpion.

Origin Of The Spider-Friends
Tony Stark features prominantly in the episode, whilst Iron Man makes a quick cameo in space.