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Season One Season Three

Episode #1 - Triumph Of The Green Goblin
The Spider-Friends must stop The Green Goblin from poisoning the City's Reservoir with his formula that will turn everyone into ugly Goblins!

Episode #2 - The Crime Of All Centuries
Kraven The Hunter comes to town, hoping to use Firestar's heat powers to create a plethora of dinosaurs in order to take over New York. .

Episode #3 - The Fantastic Mr Frump
The Spider-Friends foil Dr. Doom's plans as the powers he intended for himself are stolen by a down on his luck Mr. Frump.

Episode #4 - Sunfire
Firestar is charmed by a mutant who has similar powers to her own, but is he all that he's cracked up to be?

Episode #5 - Swarm
Spider-Man is forced to battle Firestar and Iceman as a mysterious rock from outer space creates Swarm - a man made of bees

Episode #6 - 7 Little Superheroes
The Chameleon invites The Spider-Friends, Dr. Strange, Namor, Shanna and Captain America to his mansion in hopes of destorying them all.

Episode #7 - Video
Electro creates a new villain, Videoman, and kidnaps Flash Thompson. How will the Spider-Friends save Flash when they cannot touch the enemy?

Episode #8 - The Prison Plot
When Magneto attempts to free his Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants from thier prison cells, The Spider-Friends must stop him

Episode #9 - Spidey Goes Hollywood
Mysterio threatens a film maker to direct a movie starring none other than The Amazing Spider-Man! When the fight scenes are a little too realistic for Spidey's liking, he begins to sense something is wrong...

Episode #10 - The Vengeance Of Loki
The Spider-Friends must team up with The God Of Thuder, The Mighty Thor in order to stop his evil half-brother Loki from ruling New York!

Episode #11 - Knights And Demons
The Spider-Friends must defeat enemies from another time as they begin mysteriously appearing in New York!

Episode #12 - Pawns Of The Kingpin
A brainwashed Captain America convinces Iceman to assist him in stealing a highly deadly weapon for non other than The Kingpin! Will Spidey and Firestar be able to convince thier friend that his hero has turned bad?

Episode #13 - The Quest Of The Red Skull
When The Red Skull uncovers Hitler's hidden treasures, The Spider-Friends and Hiawatha Smith set out to stop him whatever the cost.