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X-Men Series Description:

They are mutants, genetically gifted human beings - the world's newest and most persecuted minority group. Amidst an increasing climate of fear, Professor Charles Xavier, has created a safe haven for some of these powerful outcasts. The mutants here are taught to harness their unique abilities for the betterment of the human race. They fight against dangerous Government agencies and mutant supremacist Magneto, and his factions, which seek to destroy the human race.

Co-produced by Saban Entertainment and Marvel Productions - and featuring the voice talent of Cedric Smith as Professor Charles Xavier, Norm Spencer as Cyclops, David Hemblen as Magneto, George Buza as Beast, and Cal J. Dodd as Wolverine - this exhilarating action series ran for 76 groundbreaking episodes on Fox Kids between 1992 - 1997. X-Men: The Animated Series currently airs in countless international markets around the world and is readily available on home video.

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