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Live-Action Spider-Man Feature Films

With director Sam Riami having cited Spider-Man: The Animated Series as part of his inspiration during the production of the acclaimed live-action Spider-Man film series, Marvel Animation Age thought it only appropriate to look over all three films in the acclaimed Spider-Man Trilogy movie series. Please note this section will only cover the three main movies - Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 , and Spider-Man 3 - any subsequent prequels, spin-offs, etc., will not be covered. Reviews and media on each installment can be accessed by clicking on the poster art below.

Director Sam Riami paid homage to Spider-Man: The Animated Series in Spider-Man 3 during the scene when Spider-Man finds the alien symbiote has attached itself to him. The scene is nearly identical to a scene from the Spider-Man: The Animated Series episode "The Alien Costume, Part One." Check out the screens below for the comparison!