Continue below to view the complete set of loglines for each episode of Blade. The guide is presented via production order, details provided by Marvel Animation and Sony Entertainment Japan, with each episode listing also featuring airdate information.

1-01 His Name is Blade
Original Airdate January 13th, 2012
Following the titular vampire hunter as he pursues Deacon Frost in Asia in the debut of the anime series.

1-02 A Night for the Living, A Mourning for the Dead
Original Airdate January 20th, 2012
Blade teams up with a local detective, and they learn that a vampire group is working with other law officials.

1-03 Dead on Arrival
Original Airdate January 27th
Blade reunites with the man who trained him to hunt vampires; Blade's past is explored.

1-04 That Was Then, This Is Now
Original Airdate February 3rd, 2012
Blade tracks his mentor to a local slum in the Philippines, where a rescue plan is hatched with Makoto.

1-05 The Island of Fire
Original Airdate February 10th, 2012
Blade and Makoto go to Siquijor Island, where the Berdugo tribe has kept vampires under control via white magic.

1-06 Bad Blood
Original Airdate February 17th, 2012
Blade heads to Indonesia, where he attacks a silver mine operated by Existence and also meets a witch doctor who claims to have a cure for vampirism.

1-07 Claws and Blades
Original Airdate February 27th, 2012
A local gang attacks Blade in Madripoor, and old acquaintance, Wolverine, appears.

1-08 Old Wounds, Fresh Blood
Original Airdate March 5th, 2012
A U.S. soldier rescues Blade after he is attacked in the jungles of Vietnam, where he learns of a secret military initiative.

1-09 The Bond
Original Airdate March 12th, 2012
Blade fights his former classmate, and their mentor surfaces before they can finish the battle.

1-10 Sins of the Father
Original Airdate March 19th, 2012
Frost experiments on Blade at an Existence research lab; Makoto attempts to rescue Blade.

1-11 The Last Sunset
Original Airdate March 26th, 2012
Blade suffers in captivity while his allies attempt to mount a daring rescue.

1-12 The Final Glory of Deacon Frost
Original Airdate April 2nd, 2012
Blade finally catches up to the wretched Deacon Frost! They meet once again, but Frost has something else up his sleeve.

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