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A Hulk Of A Different Colour
Review And Media by Stu

Episode #14 - A Hulk Of A Different Colour
Original Airdate September 21, 1997

After the Nutrient Bath experiment fails to cure Banner, he turns into a new Grey Hulk, as The Leader once again plans to steal The Hulk's strength.

Written By: Bob Forward
Directed By: Ron Myrick
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahchi
Animation Services By: Sae Rom Productions
Guest Starring: Neal McDonough as Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk, Genie Francis as Betty Ross, John Vernon as General 'Thunderbolt' Ross, Luke Perry as Rick Jones, Kevin Schon as Major Glenn Talbot, Matt Frewer as The Leader, Mark Hamill as Gargoyle and Michael Donovan as The Grey Hulk.

Review: If you haven’t seen this show before, but somehow stumbled onto this site anyway, you’ll have probably gathered from previous episodes that I like this show. Unfortunately, this second season of Hulk is a text book example of how you make a crappy superhero cartoon. What’s more disappointing is that before this episode took place, this was easily a 4 star show.

The show’s new title explains it all. The Incredible Hulk and She Hulk. The whole point of this episode is to tie up loose ends from season one so that they could make She Hulk centred episodes for the rest of the season in an attempt to ruin Hulk’s good name. The main problem with the episode is that it tries to do far too many things too quickly. This really should’ve been a 2 part story.

With Rick as Hulk, Banner and Ross’ battle, the introduction of Grey Hulk, the ramification of The Leader’s Hulk experience and She Hulk and Betty all given a mere 22 minutes of air time, it’s no wonder the episode sucked. If you’ve never seen the episode, you might think it’s simply bad because it’s too rushed. That’s not entirely true, as what was shown was pretty terrible.

One scene in particular is absolutely baffling, courtesy of She Hulk. She Hulk tries to prove Bruce’s innocence by telling the world that he’s The Hulk! I couldn’t believe what I heard when I saw this. Everything you’ve ever heard about this show’s version of She Hulk is true. She’s arguably one of the most annoying characters ever, and to top it off, Cree Summers provides her voice. She’s excruciating in the role.

This version of She Hulk does nothing but kiss her own ass, and constantly spout out what may very well be the stupidest catchphrase ever. “This is what we call a situation green”

What does that mean? And you know what the worst thing about all this is? This is one of the season’s best episodes. I don’t think anything could’ve prepared us for what was coming next…