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Episodes #1 - Return of the Beast, Part One
Original Airdate - September 8th, 1996
Bruce Banner attempts to cure himself of the Hulk, but his experiment is shut down by General Ross and Major Talbot. They capture the Hulk and take him to the Gamma Base, where Banner recalls his origin. Suddenly, the Abomination arrives on the scene, sent by the Leader and Gargoyle to capture Banner, and it's up to the Hulk to stop him.

Episode #2 - Return of the Beast, Part Two
Original Airdate - September 15th, 1996
After escaping General Ross, the Hulk meets the Gamma Mutant Warriors and hides out at their base. While there, the Abomination kidnaps Banner and takes him to the Leader. Will Betty and Rick be able to save him before the Leader and Gargoyle find the key to his gamma mutation?

Episode #3 - Raw Power
Original Airdate - September 22nd, 1996
Bruce befriends Mitch McCougthen who offers his help to find a cure for the gamma radiation responsible for turning Banner into the Hulk. But when their experiment goes wrong, McCoughten turns into Zzzax, a being of pure energy. Can the Hulk stop him before he destroys a dam?

Episode #4 - Helping Hand, Iron Fist
Original Airdate - September 29th, 1996
Bruce Banner and Rick Jones are in L.A., seeking the help of wealthy industrialist Tony Stark. Iron Man, War Machine and H.O.M.E.R. will have to find a way to cure Bruce of the Hulk before S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Gabriel Jones arrives.

Episode #5 - Innocent Blood
Original Airdate - October 6th, 1996
Ghost Rider comes to town, and he's tracking the Hulk! Simultaneously, Talbot is also looking for the Hulk and uses an infectious blaster on him. Now, the only way to save Banner's life is to make the Hulk madder than he's ever been before!

Episode #6 - Man to Man, Beast to Beast
Original Airdate - October 27th, 1996
Bruce Banner travels to Canada to find his old friend, Dr. Walter Lankowski and try to get rid of the Hulk once and for all. But when Bruce finds his friend, a terrible secret is revealed.

Episode #7 - Doomed
Original Airdate - November 3rd, 1996
Bruce Banner travels to Washington D.C. to see his cousin, Jennifer Walters. The reunion is interrupted when Doctor Doom captures them, planning to use his mind control device on the Hulk. In the process, Jennifer is transfused with Bruce's blood and becomes the She-Hulk!

Episode #8 - Fantastic Fortitude
Original Airdate - November 10th, 1996
Banner and She-Hulk go to New York hoping to find Reed Richards and ask for help in finding a cure for the Hulk. However, the Fantastic Four is on vacation, except for the Thing! And when the Ogress and the Leader's Gamma Warriors decide to attack the trio, it's sure to be clobberin' time!

Episode #9 - Mortal Bounds
Original Airdate - November 17th, 1996
Gargoyle releases a gamma virus on the citizens of Detroit, and Bruce Banner is the only one who can stop it from spreading. To make matters worse, Betty is infected with an extreme dosage of the virus! Bruce meets Doctor Donald Blake, who transforms into the mighty Thor. Together, they race to find a cure!

Episode #10 - And the Wind Cries...Wendigo!
Original Airdate - November 24th, 1996
After hearing about the existence of a creature resembling the Hulk, Betty Ross goes out to find it. What she finds is not the Hulk, but the legendary Wendigo!

Episode #11 - Darkness And Light, Part One
Original Airdate - February 2nd, 1997
Betty Ross and Doc Samson finish a Nutrient Bath that will separate Bruce Banner from the Hulk permanently. Rick Jones seeks the help of the Outcasts and manage to smuggle the Hulk onto the Gamma Base for the procedure.

Episode #12 - Darkness And Light, Part Two
Original Airdate - February 9th, 1997
Bruce and the Hulk are now two seperate beings, but the Hulk escapes and goes on a destructive rampage. The Leader captures him and has his intellect placed into the Hulk's body, acquiring the power he's craved

Episode #13 - Darkness and Light, Part Three
Original Airdate - February 16th, 1997
Equipped with exo-armor, Bruce battles the Incredible Hulk in a massive battle in the desert. When it's over, it's discovered they can't exist without each other and are dying. Their only hope is rejoin via the Nutrient Bath, but General Ross' interference will cause it to go horribly wrong.

Episode #14 - Hulk Of A Different Colour
Original Airdate - September 21st, 1997
The Nutrient Bath experiment has turned the gamma-irradiated Rick Jones into a teen Hulk, and changed Bruce Banner into the Gray Hulk. Thunderbolt Ross tries to kill Hulk, then is rescued by him. Later, Bruce Banner is charged with attempted murder, and She-Hulk arrives in town to defend him. Meanwhile, the Leader and the Gargoyle make a deal with Gray Hulk that will cause the capture of Rick Jones, and the suppression of Bruce Banner inside the Gray Hulk. . . forever!

Episode #15 -Down Memory Lane
Original Airdate - September 28th, 1997
Jennifer Walters returns home to attend her high school reunion and brings the Hulk along for the ride. Gargoyle declares his love for her while the Leader and Abomination try to capture the Hulk. To make matters worse, Jennifer Walters finds out that she might become the She-Hulk... permanently!

Episode #16 - Mind Over Anti-Matter
Original Airdate - October 5th, 1997
A dark entity travels to our dimension and is looking for a physical host to house its energy. Impressed with the size and strength of the Hulk, the entity sets its sights on the giant. She-Hulk must enlist the aide of Dr. Strange to go inside Banner's mind and rid him of the demon once and for all!

Episode #17 - They Call Me Mr. Fixit
Original Airdate - October 26th, 1997
A new super-villainess named Allure arrives in Chicago along with her enforcer Crusher Creel. But before she can take over the town she'll have to get through an even newer player in the Chicago underworld: She-Hulk and her right hand man, "Mr. Fixit"!

Episode #18 - Fashion Warriors
Original Airdate - November 2nd, 1997
She-Hulk agrees to be a model for a charity fashion show in Miami. But when the Leader and Gargoyle attack with their Gamma Warriors, She-Hulk must team up with Betty Ross and a trio of tough models to defeat the villains and avoid a fashion faux-pas!

Episode #19 - Hollywood Rocks
Original Airdate - November 9th, 1997
The Earth is threatened by falling asteroids and the Hulk is the only one that can stop them! But when Doctor Doom emerges into the scene, things get a little more complicated. Meanwhile, She-Hulk is cast as the star in a Hollywood film!

Episode #20 - The Lost Village
Original Airdate - November 16th, 1997
When the Hulk rescues an elderly man, he is given a medallion that allows him to change back to Banner at will!

Episode #21 - Mission: Incredible
Original Airdate - November 23rd, 1997
A parasite called the Hybrid takes over the body of General Ross! Meanwhile, Gray Hulk and She-Hulk team up with Agent Gabriel Jones and S.H.I.E.L.D. to save an unstable Gamma Power Core at the military installation known as Sea Base.