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They Call Me Mr. Fix It
Review By Stu, Media by Jon T

Episode #18 - Fashion Warriors
Original Airdate November 2nd, 1997

She Hulk and a group attempt to stop The Leader and Gargoyle from carrying out thier mischievous plans

Written By: John Semper
Directed By: Ron Myrick
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahchi
Animation Services By: Sae Rom Productions
Guest Starring: Neal McDonough as Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, Cree Summers as She Hulk, Matt Frewer As The Leader, Mark Hamill as Gargoyle and Richard Moll as Abomination.

Review: She Hulk. At a fashion show. The episode barely has its plots set up and I’m already dreading the following 22 minutes. The screen grabs below explain the story better than words could, but man, I struggle to think just who thought it would be a good idea to have She Hulk at a fashion show for charity, especially as she is with her cousin, who is a wanted felon!

Featuring some unforgettably bad moments (screen grab 18 was a real “cover your eyes!” sole crushing scene) and the 3 models…

In all honesty, I’m just going to stop here. Explaining how bad an episode like this is is a waste of both my time and yours. A complete and utter dissapointment.