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Down Memory Lane
Review And Media by Stu

Episode #15 - Down Memory Lane
Original Airdate September 28, 1997

A worn out She Hulk returns to her high school reunion as Gargoyle and The Abomination being to execute thier latest plans for Banner and his cousin.

Written By: Meg McLaughlin
Directed By: Ron Myrick
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahchi
Animation Services By: Sae Rom Productions
Guest Starring: Neal McDonough as Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk, Matt Frewer as The Leader, Mark Hamill as Gargoyle, Stan Lee as Cliff Walters and Richard Moll as The Abomination.

Review: God I hate this episode. After the previous episode was tolerable at best, I was hoping for a little more. I donít think disappointed quite covers what I felt after watching it. The episode features nothing but She Hulk kissing her own ass. Constantly boasting about how utterly brilliant she is got really old, really, really fast. Her time at the dance was simply painful to watch. How does crap like this get written?

Watching her transform back into Gen and still adoring herself was cringe worthy. Thereís having confidence in yourself, thereís loving yourself and then there is She Hulking yourself. What the hell happened to the awesome cartoon featuring the tortured scientist searching for a cure to the creature within?

I honestly struggle to find anything positive to say about the episode. Thereís a cool fanboy nod in Stan voicing She Hulkís Dad and thankfully, we get green Hulk instead of grey, but other than that, the episode is nothing more than She Hulk. As someone who canít stand Cree Summerís voice, I simply couldnít wait for the episode to end.

Itís just bad folks.